Board of Directors


Capt.Jain 2             Amit Jain is the Director of the company from December 2008 and the Managing Director since June 2017. He joined the company in year 1999 as a Superintendent and served in other Marine roles before being appointed as a Managing Director. After completing his pre-sea training on board TS Rajendra, India in year 1981, he sailed on various tankers for 17 years, including 7 years of which were in command. He had briefly served ashore in another reputable tanker company based in Singapore before joining Unix.


            Arvind Raja is the Director of the company from March 2010 and leads the Technical Section. He joined the company in year 1998 as a Superintendent and served in other Technical roles before appointed as a Director. After graduating from DMET, India in year 1985 he had 15 years sailing experience including 3 years as a Chief Engineer before taking over a Superintendent role in a reputable tanker company in India for a year.

Capt.Hong 3

            Kyungseok Hong is the Director of the company from November 2016 and leads Marine section. He joined MOL Chemical Tankers (formerly known as Tokyo Marine ) in year 1989 as Chief Officer of company fleet then promoted to Master onboard in 1993. Later, he has served Boarding Supervisor roles from 1998 in Rotterdam, Vancouver BC and Busan and Marine Director of TM Shipmanagement Co., Ltd in Busan, President of TM(Manila) in Philippine before transfer to Unix Line, Singapore in the year 2016. Has a degree in Navigation from Mokpo National Maritime University, Korea. 


Kano 02

            Yoshikazu Kano is the Director & Chairman of the company from April 2022. He also serves as the Executive officer of MOL Chemical Tankers (MOLCT) and joined in year 2020, initially assigned to work for Marine department. Prior his assignment to MOLCT, he worked for MOL both ashore in Japan office and earlier at sea as a Master. He started his sea career with MOL as 3rd Officer in 1994.