QHSE Policy



Unix Line Pte. Ltd. provides Shipmanagement services of Oil and Chemical Tankers for the Principals and this policy applies throughout the Company.

The top management of the Company has established a Policy of operating its “Ship Management Service” business under the provision of a comprehensive Quality, Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management System, implemented, and operated to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and the ISM Code.

The Top Management ensures that its policies:

  • Are appropriate for the purpose, context, nature, and scale of its business and supports its strategic direction, nature and scale of its Occupational Health and Safety Risks, nature, scale, and environmental impacts of its ship management service.
  • Provide a framework for establishing, reviewing, and updating the quality, occupational health and safety, and environmental objectives and targets. It is maintained as documented information, implemented within the Company, and maintained.
  • Are communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of the Company both onboard and ashore and ensures that it is understood and applied within the Company with the intent that they are well aware of their individual Occupational Health and Safety, and environmental responsibilities and obligations.
  • Make this Policy available to relevant interested parties, such as the public, customers, regulators, contractors, and suppliers.
  • Are reviewed at Management Review meetings for their continued suitability and are relevant and appropriate to the Company.

Company recognizes that operating Oil and Chemical tankers involves risk to environmental pollution and employees’ health and safety. Our people are our most valuable assets. Therefore, Occupational Health and Safety, and Environmental management is essential for a pollution-free healthy workplace on board ships managed by the Company and to achieve Company’s operating objectives and targets.

Company objectives are:

  • To achieve zero spills or releases to the environment, zero accidents and zero lost-time incidents. To achieve reduction in permitted emissions and wastes from its operations.
  • To provide for safe practices in ship operations a safe working environment.
  • To access all identified risks to its ships, personnel, and the environment. Establish appropriate safeguards against all identified risks. Eliminate hazards, reduce occupational health and safety risks.
  • To continuously improve safety management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships, including preparing for emergencies related both to safety and environmental protection.
  • To develop a sense of personal responsibility in all personnel towards Health, Safety, Environmental Protection, and Energy Management.

Company is committed to:

  • Provide the highest quality services to the Principals and operate in a safe, efficient and credible manner with full regard for safety and the environment. To consistently meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction by providing quality ship management services and complying with all applicable requirements including our statutory obligations.
  • Satisfy its compliance obligations by complying with all applicable requirements, including compliance to legal requirements and voluntary obligations related to its environmental aspects by considering the applicable codes, guidelines and standards recommended by the IMO, relevant Flag Administrations, Classification Societies and Maritime Industry.
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations governing health at employees’ workplace, and applicable industry requirements related to its occupational health and safety hazards.
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions for prevention of work-related injury and/or ill health by eliminating hazards, reducing OH&S risks, consultation and participation of workers and workers representatives.
  • Promote safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life, avoidance of damage to the environment, particularly the marine environment and to property.
  • Continual improvement of its quality, occupational health and safety, environmental and energy management system and performance through monitoring and review of set objectives and targets and implement improvements when appropriate.
  • Prevention of pollution and to support environmental protection measures applicable to its ship management business, in all its activities ashore (office) and at sea (ships), including sustainable resource use, climate change mitigation and adoption, protection of biodiversity and ecosystem and other relevant environmental issues.
  • Regularly review the needs and expectations of all relevant interested parties and continually improves the activities to fulfil these expectations.
  • Practice 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). Bulk purchasing whenever possible to reduce packaging, examine opportunities for re-use and recycling of materials, using non-disposal equipments, etc.
  • Efficient energy management by effective fuel management and fuel-efficient operations as per Customer’s expectations. Optimize energy efficiency, efficient energy use and reduce energy consumption. Identify and implement energy saving opportunities, improve energy performance.
  • Support purchase of energy efficient products and services.
  • Maintain adequate records to demonstrate its commitments.
  • Conduct appropriate QHSEMS awareness training for its employees. Provide necessary information and resources to achieve environmental objectives and targets.
  • Employ qualified people to ensure that necessary expertise is at hand. Encourage concern and respect for the environment, emphasize employee’s responsibility in environmental performance, provide training to educate and motivate our employees to work in environmentally responsible manner.


Signed : Managing Director /  March 18, 2022