Ship Management

Unix Line provides a holistic function as a ship manager, including superintendency of the ships, crew management, training and arrangement of supplies & services to the ships. Our first vessel came under our management in March 1999.

The ultimate goal of the Company is to manage the vessels under our care in a manner that endeavors to achieve zero incidents and zero spills through safe and environmentally friendly work practices and a progressive attitude which strives for continual improvement and an understanding of our customer requirements. In the process of arriving at this goal we aim to have an understanding not only for those of us who work in our organization, but for all who interact with us. We believe that our objective can be achieved only in the highest ethical and law abiding manner and by developing a trust amongst our business partners and importantly among the people who work here. As such we accept responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for our actions and endeavor to be unwavering in our commitment to our partners.

We understand the global nature of the marine transportation business and how our action and/or inactions can affect the lives of others even though, thousands of miles away. We consider it a privilege to be entrusted with this heavy responsibility a responsibility which we never take lightly, as we know that the transportation of hazardous chemicals is not without risk. However we have confidence that our crew who man these vessels can take on such a challenge, a confidence which has been built by our unprecedented training program, detailed knowledge of issues concerning Chemical cargo and the sophisticated tankers in which it is carried as well as various regulations affecting the trade.

Ship Agency

Unix Line provides the full range of port agency. This service is not limited to the vessels operated by the group. We are also the hub-agents for the ports in Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand.

Our staff works in dedicated teams consisting of local staff to ensure all our principal’s needs are met. We work round the clock to ensure a quick, accurate and effective communications with the principals. Over the years we have built strong relationships with port authorities, terminals and cargo interests to ensure the smooth and timley berthing and dispatch of the vessels. Our professional, experienced and qualified operation staff are trained to have a proactive and forward thinking approach. This ensures that potential problems are anticipated and acted upon before they can escalate.